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Kalimantan, located on the island of Borneo, is a part of Indonesia. It covers 73% of Borneo Island. Kalimantan means 'Burning Weather Island' and derives from the Sanskrit for Kalamanthana. If you want to discover nature closely and avoid crowds, then Kalimantan is an excellent choice.

Visit Tanjung Puting National Park

Travel by kelotok (a type of local houseboat) to the park. This park is a prime orangutan sighting location. There are three orangutan feeding stations: Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui, and the historic research station of Camp Leakey.

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Explore the volcanic highlands

Explore the volcanic highlands around Kintamani and Ubud. Soak up views of Mt. Batur, an active volcano, and the lake below it.

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Visit Sebangau national park

The Sebangau national park is the home to most of the endemic animals of Borneo, including the orangutan.

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Watch Devdan Show

The word DEVDAN comes from Sanskrit 'Deva' and 'Dhana', meaning "God's Grace". Indonesia's treasures are God's gifts for the Indonesian people.

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Diving at the Derawan Islands

The tropical paradise at Derawan Islands is nature's bounty for avid snorkellers and divers who will find no shortage of an amazing underwater life of mantas, stingless jellyfish, rays, green turtles and sea horses. Called the third best dive destination globally, the archipelago comprises 31 islands: Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki and Kakaban.

River Cruising into Palangkaraya Rainforests

Central Kalimantan is home to the indigenous Dayak tribes who have sustained themselves on the eleven rivers from the mountainous Schwaner Range. Rahai'i Pangun in Palangkaraya harbour is the start of many river cruises that offer an intimidating view of the floating longhouses and orangutan islands.

Trekking in Apokayan Highlands

The Apokayan Highlands of East Kalimantan is located within the 1.36 million-hectare Kayan Mentarang National Park, the largest protected forest area in Southeast Asia. Tour the place to meet Kenyah Dayak, one of the Dayak tribes staying at the Apokayan Highlands.