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Compared to the neighbouring country of Brunei where drinking alcohol, clubbing, partying and casino games is banned, Kalimantan has a vibrant nightlife despite being a Muslim majority nation. Expatriate population and tourists mostly throng the bigger cities of Pontianak, Balikpapan, Palangkaraya, Samarinda and Banjarmasin to kick back and unwind at the stylish night clubs.

There are a number of heart thumping places in Kalimantan where the DJ’s will play awesome music to twinkle your toes. Theatres, nightclubs and restaurant assure fun memories in the perfect ambience you always wished for. For guzzling down a couple of drinks, frequent Perosea Bar, the next door Joy’s Bar and the Sid’s Bar which is located behind Perosea Bar. The nightclubs feature everything from excellent live music to inventive cocktails and latest chartbusters.

Ahead of the Perosea Bar are Martha’s Bar and Batakan Café, located close to the waterfront. Sip a trendy cocktail as you watch the sun rolling down the Bornean waters. Tourists who come down to Kalimantan, also have a great time at the karaoke bars in Balikpapan where dance floors and lighting effects are becoming a common sight.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Mir700

There are few other bars and nightclubs where the prices of drinks can touch the sky, especially the ones located in five star hotels. But the ambience, food & drinks and service are worth the money. One such example is the Borneo Bar at Le Grandeur Hotel.