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Tanjung Puting National Park

The Tanjung National Park encompassing an area of 415,040 hectares is home to many species of animals such as gibbons, sun bears, wild boars macaques and Sambar deer. It also includes species of reptiles, pythons, insect and birds. The Pondok Ambung Tropical Forest Research Station is a centre of attraction for those interested in studying wild species found in the park. It is a perfect place for ecotourism, and a non-stop destination to enjoy multi-day boat tours.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Harri
Pulau Derawan (Derawan Islands)

The Derawan Islands are positioned in the Sulawesi Sea on the coastal shelf of East Kalimantan. They incorporate Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakaban, Maratua, Panjang, and Samama Island as well as submerged reefs and islets. These islands are habitat of 872 species of reef fishes, and 507 species of coral and invertebrates. The islands of Derawan offer an ideal climate for preserving protected species such as 5 giants clam species, 2 sea turtles and coconut crab. There are a number of resorts on the Derawan Islands, where tourists hangout for a long time.


Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan, an Indonesian Province, is a medium size industrial city occupying an area of 107.82 km² in the delta of the Kapuas River. Because of its unique location on the equator, the city is known as the Kota Khatulistiwa (Equator City). Amongst the tourist attractions include, The Mujahiddin Mosque, which is the biggest mosque in the province, built in 1771 by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman. Close to the mosque lies the Sultan Palace of Khadariyah, the monument constructed in the Portuguese style. The Equator Monument is a landmark, 3 kilometres North of Pontianak city, towards the Pinyuh River.


Balikpapan, a seaport city is situated in the East Kalimantan province. Well-known for its timber, mining, and petroleum products, this is a resource-rich region. The city is famous for its two harbours, Semayang and Kariangau (a ferry harbour) that are great means of transportation. Balikpapan is well served by the Sepinggan International Airport, which caters millions of passengers. With its ever-growing infrastructure, the city is ready to offer incomparable magnetism. The Balikpapan Plaza shopping complex located at the Jalan Ahmad Yani and the Jalan Sudirman are amongst the famous tourist spots. To add much fun to your touring experience, you can travel by cruise to the Sungai Mahajam as well in the extremely scenic Apokayan Highlands.

Gunning Palung National Park and Nature Reserve

The Gunung Palung National Park is located in West Kalimantan. It is one of the renowned places in the world where you can watch orangutans in their natural habitat. The park is a coffer of diversification ranging from mangrove to montane forest as well includes a research centre, which is known as the Cabang Panti Research Station. It has been a famous attraction among visitors because of Gibbon, Leaf-monkey and its enriched wildlife. This kind of park is ideal for ecotourism.

Kutai National Park

The Kutai National Park is a small section of the earlier Kutai Game Reserve, which has been preserved since 1970s. It is situated in East Kalimantan province and extents over an area of 2,000 km². This lowland national park was established in 1982, but massive Borneo fires engulfed almost 60% of the forest. It has 958 species of flora, 300 species of birds and 90 species of mammals these days. There are over 2,000 orangutans inhabiting the park.


Samarinda lies on the bank of the Mahakam River. It is the capital of East Kalimantan, the Indonesian Province, on the Borneo Island. The city is well-known for its traditional food amplang, as well as the cloth sarung samarinda. Amongst the tourist spots, include the Mesjid Raya Darussalam mosque, which is ideally dominated by spectacular view of waterfront. The Samarinda Islamic Centre stands like a symbol of Samarinda, a perfect place to get a holy experience.

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Palangkaraya (Palangka Raya)

Palangkaraya (Palangka Raya), it is well-known as ‘the Great and Holy Place.’ It is a medium-sized city as well the capital city of the Indonesian province Central Kalimantan. The city is beautifully embodied by hands of the god as it is placed between the Kayahan and the Sabangau rivers. The Museum Balanga, the Mandala Wisata long house and the Pasar Malam (Lively Night Market) are renowned tourist spots. The city is famous for its tropical jack-fruits.